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 FAQs / Q&As / Tutorials

                      Accomodation Strategies - ParrotPublishing.com
                      Glossary of Assessment Terms - Wrightslaw
                      Measuring Progress - Tests and Measurements for the Parent, Teacher, Advocate and Attorney - Wrightslaw
                      NY State Alternate Assessment Home Page
                             NY State Alternate Assessment for Students with Severe Disabilities - Policy March 2001
                      Special Education Assessment - About.com
                      Special Education Assessment: Federal Rights - SchwabLearning.org
                      Testing Accommodations for Test Takers with Disabilities - ets.org
                      Testing Students with Disabilities - ERIC Digest
               Early Intervention
                      About Early Intervention - AdvocatesForChildren.org
                      Concerns About a Child: Red Flags - FirstSigns.com
                      Developmental Progress Chart - Dept of Ed
                      First Steps for Parents When School Problems Are Observed - LDA of America
                      Hallmark Developmental Milestones - firstsigns.org
                      How Can I Assess the Development of My Preschooler? - Learning Disabilities OnLine
                      Including Your Child: Table of Contents - ed.gov/pubs
                      Information for Parents of Preschool Students with Disabilities Ages 3 - 5
                      Referring Children for Consideration for Special Education Services - LDA of America
                      Tools for Early Identification and Intervention 0 - 5 years - Coping.org
                      Determining Measurable Annual Goals in an IEP - naset.org
                      Factors To Consider in Developing an IEP - ericdigests.org
                      Goals and Objectives, A Tactics and Strategy Session about IEP - WrightsLaw.com
                      Guide to the Individualized Education Program - OSEP
                      How to Know if Your Child’s Making Progress toward IEP Goals - SchwabLearning.org
                      IEP Cycle, The - FamilyEducation.com
                      IEP Exercises - Coping.org
                      Individual Education Plan (IEP), The - Coping.org
                      Individualized Education Program - Wikipedia
                      Practical & Legal Guidance for Parents re Your Child's IEP - WrightsLaw.com
                      Preparing for the IEP Meeting - Nolo.com
                      Real Guide to Surviving Individual Education Planning (IEP) Meetings, The - ParentPals.com
                      What to Include in an IEP - FamilyEducation.com
                      Benefits of an Inclusive Education: Making It Work - KidSource
                      Including Students with Disabilities in General Education Classrooms - ERIC
                      Inclusion - Legal Requirements and What They Mean to Educators
                      Inclusion - Wikipedia
                      Inclusion of Students With Disabilities in Regular Classrooms
                      Q & A on Inclusion - NICHCY
                      SERI Inclusion Resources
               Least Restrictive Environment
                      Least Restrictive Environment - pacer.org
                      Least Restrictive Environment - Wikipedia
                      Least Restrictive Environment Coalition - What is LRE?
                      Least Restrictive Environment Implementation Policy Paper - NYSED.gov
                      Least Restrictive Environment Mandate: How Has It Been Defined by the Courts? - ericdigests.org
                      Least Restrictive Environment/Inclusion Index Page - Wrightslaw
                      Placement in the Least Restrictive Environment - state.nj.us
               No Child Left Behind
                      Just the Facts for New York Parents - NYSED
                      NICHCY Connections to NCLB
                      No Child Left Behind - Wrightslaw
                      No Child Left Behind Act - Wikipedia
                      No Child Left Behind: A Parents Guide - ed.gov
                             Questions and Answers on No Child Left Behind
                      What Parents Need To Know About NCLB / Title I - United Federation Of Teachers
               Special Education
                      Entering Special Education - nolo.com
                      FAQ About Special Education Services - KidSource.com
                      Frequently Asked Questions about Special Education - AdvocatesForChildren.org
                      Glossary of Special Education (and Related) Terminology - speechville.com
                      Glossary of Special Education Terms & Acronyms - specialchild.com
                      Guide to Special Education, A - New York State United Teachers
                      Overview of Special Education Law - Nolo.com
                      Parent's Guide to Special Ed / Special Needs, A - DisabilityRights.org
                      Questions Often Asked About Special Education Services (NICHCY Briefing Paper)
                      Special education - Wikipedia
                      What is a Disability? - Special Education Legal Primer for Parents
                      Who's Teaching Our Children with Disabilities? - NICHCY
               Tools for Getting Parents Involved in the Exceptional Education Process - Coping.org
                      Components of the Exceptional Education Process, The
                      Getting Organized to Get the Most Out of the System
                      Glossary of Terms in Exceptional Education
               Tools for Parents of Children with Special Needs - Coping.org
                      Communicating with Children about their Special Needs
                      Communicating with Others about your Child with Special Needs
                      Handling Discrimination
                      Handling Life-long Grief and Feelings of Loss
                      Handling the Shock of Diagnosis
                      Lifelong Normalization

        Webs / Links
                      Cornucopia of Disability Information
                      disABILITY Information and Resources
                             Open Directory - Reference: Education: Special Education
                             Open Directory - Society: Disabled: Children
                      Internet Resources for Special Children (IRSC)
                      National Organizations - NICHCY
                      New York State Resources
                             Family Village
                      Oceanside SEPTA, NY 11572 Special Ed & Disability Resources / Links
                      ParentPals.com - Special Education Resources
                      Special Education Home Page, The - Specialed.Freeyellow.com
                      Yahoo! Directory Disabilities
                      About.com Special Education
                      CEC: Council for Exceptional Children
                      Center for Special Education Finance & Special Education Expenditure Project
                             DisabilityResources.org Site Index
                      Family Village
                             Disability-related Links
                             Site Map / Index
                      IDEA Partnership
                      National Rehabilitation Information Center
                      NICHCY: National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
                      NYS School Boards Association
                      NYSPTA - New York State Parent Teacher Association
                      NYSUT - New York State United Teachers
                             NYS PTA
                                    Suffolk Region PTA
                      ReedMartin.com - Special Education Law
                      Resources for Children with Special Needs, Inc
                             Database on the Web (searchable)
                      SERI: Special Education Resources on the Internet
                      Wrightslaw: Special Education Law & Advocacy

    We would like to thank Tom Hutcheson and the Oceanside SEPTA for their caring assistance in helping us set up this resource page. For a more comprehensive list of valuable special education links, please visit their website at: http://septaoceanside.com/ and click on the resources tab.