Assistive Technology (AT)

Recent advancements in technology and the introduction of new devices (such as personal data assistances like Palm pilots, reading pens, screen-reader software and more) offer people with disabilities new opportunities for better education and greater control over their day-to-day activities.  Browse this page to learn more about some of the latest assistive technologies designed to help individuals with LD live fuller, more productive lives.

Introduction and Background Information
Additional Resources on the Web

Introduction and Background Information

Making Technology Part of Your Back-To-School Planning

Dr. Dave Edyburn discusses the role of technology in the classroom and provides tips for parents, students, teachers and administrators for making the most of assistive technology in the upcoming school year. 

LD Talk: Making Technology Part of Your Back-to-School Planning 
Featured expert Dave L. Edyburn, Ph.D. discusses how to make the most of Assistive Technology (AT) for students with learning disabilities in this August 17, 2005, LD Chat.  Read more about Dr. Edyburn's work and a comprehensive history of AT.

Family Center on Technology and Disability Assistive Technology Fact Sheets
Fact sheets on Assistive Technology, glossary defintions, Assistive Technology and IEPs and Assistive Technology laws available from the Family Center on Technology and Disability

Assistive Technology - For Educators 
A brief outline of uses and descriptions of benefits with core questions every educator should ask when deciding which application is best for a student.

LDNews: Assistive Technologies Issue (October 2004 issue)
This issue of NCLD’s free monthly e-news publication highlights key developments in AT from the experts at the Center for Applied Special Technology, discusses methods for monitoring the progress of a child with LD, and offers links to helpful resources on the web.

In His Own Words: Dr. Marshall Raskind on Choosing an Assistive Technology
This page features a review of AT tools for individuals with learning disabilities and advice from Dr. Raskind, a renowned researcher in the areas of assistive technology and learning disabilities with special interest across the lifespan.

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Assistive Technology (AT): Making Good Decisions
NCLD Director of Professional Services, Dr. Sheldon Horowitz, explores recent advancements in the area of AT and offers tips on deciding which technology is right for you in this August 2005 Research Roundup.  Click here for a full list of his columns in LD News.

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Additional Resources on the Web

General Information:

Assistive Technology Planner: From IEP Consideration to Classroom Implementation 
(National Assistive Technology Research Institute)

Online Discussion on a variety of topics related to Assistive Technology & Disabilities with panels of experts
(Family Center on Technology and Disability)

South Carolina Assistive Technology Project:
A Web site that provides information about the newest assistive technology devices, as well as online resources to acquire such technology and recommendations for consumers.

Edutopia: the truth about AT
This Web site provides real-life success stories on assistive technology, tips for successful technology integration, and a forum for students and instructors to share their experiences with assistive technology.

Infosheet about Assistive Technology
(The Council for Learning Disabilities)

Learning Disabilities and Assistive Technologies
(Tools for Life, Georgia Assistive Technology Project)

Resources for Students/Adults with LD:

Tech-based Resources for Students with Disabilities (TechLEARNING)
Janet Hopkins, the author of an assistive technology guide for K-12 media specialists, shares a sampling of tools on the market providing support to students with communication, mobility, literacy, visual and hearing challenges. (Free registration required)

Assistive Technology for Students with Learning Disabilities (Family Village School)
This Web site is particularly useful for parents, students, and teachers seeking information about assistive technology devices geared towards students with learning disabilities. It provides helpful links to articles that discuss topics such as federal legislation and funding as well as offering tips and advice for potential consumers.

Working Together: Computers and Learning Disabilities (University of Washington)
This site outlines and recommends appropriate assistive technology computer devices and product brands for those with learning disabilities.

The Alliance for Technology Access 
Connects children and adults with learning disabilities to technology tools.

Resources for Educators

Implementing Technology in the Classroom (Star Tech Program)
Provides a substantial number of links that are dedicated to the integration, upgrade, and maintenance of technology in the classroom. Also provides links to articles detailing how technology can improve the classroom environment for students with learning disabilities.

Technology Supporting Curriculum (CAST-Universal Design for Learning)
Provides those responsible for educating children with disabilities critical information for maintaining technology supports in the classroom. Also offers links to websites specializing in the design, implementation and use of assistive technology.

Integrating Technology in the Classroom (
This site helps teachers locate and create ready-to-use Web lessons, quizzes, rubrics and classroom calendars, and offers valuable professional development resources on topics such as ELL, technology planning, and at-risk students.

Good Models for Teaching with Technology (The Knowledge Loom, The Education Alliance at Brown University)