Child Study Team Maneuvers: Avoid Becoming Intimidated

A list of possible roadblocks districts employ:

1. "That's against school district policy."
2. "We do not have anyone on staff trained to provide that service."
3. "We are not obligated to discuss teaching methodologies at IEP meetings, nor will
we stipulate them in lEPs."
4. "We will not provide your child with in-class support because he will become dependent."
5. "We do not offer in-class support in 'honors' classes. If she requires in-class support, she does not
belong there."
6. "We cannot provide ESY services for your child because he is too high-functioning for our
in-district ESY program."
7. "Only children who are severely mentally retarded or profoundly autistic are eligible for ESY services."
8. "Your child is ineligible to receive ESY services based upon the regression/recoupment formula."
9. "Your child has made SO much progress that he/she will not require ________ next year."
10. "We are not authorized to make that decision. We'll have to adjourn this meeting until we
can confer with the Director of Special Services."
11. "We cannot provide those services under Section 504."
12. "Have you considered increasing the dosage on his medication? Maybe he'd do better on Concerta."
13. "Your child's behavior/learning issues/ social issues are occurring as a result of - your divorce, the fact
that both parents are working outside of the home, cultural differences or something else that the family
is or is not doing at home."
14. "If you disagree with our proposal, go to due process."
15. "We are not obligated to create academic goals and objectives for your child because he is
included in general education classes for those periods."
16. "Your child has not acquired the prerequisite skills necessary to be included in the
general education classroom."
17. "Holding the Eligibility Determination/IEP meeting on your child's 3rd birthday helps to
expedite the process."
18. "Your child would do so much better if he'd just pay attention, follow directions, cooperate more, try
harder, hand in his homework on time, have a more positive attitude & stop being so lazy."
19. "This is the ONLY placement option for your child."
20. "Sending your child to an out-of-district special education school, places him in a more
restrictive environment."
21. "Your child isn't failing, so what are you complaining about?"
22. "We couldn't possibly provide such an expensive service."
23. "You're not allowed to audio-record IEP meetings."
24. "The Team is too busy; call us back in a month or so to schedule an IEP meeting. We'll
address your concerns at that ti me."
25. "That does not need to be stipulated in the IEP because we do it automatically."
26. "You'll just have to wait until we hire a new Speech Therapist."
27. "Prior Written Notice? What does that mean?"
28. "We cannot allow you to observe the proposed placement options due to confidentiality issues."
29. "There's no need to have an FBA conducted. I can create a sticker chart."
30. "If you are unable to attend on the date listed on the meeting notice, we will hold the IEP meeting
without you."
31. "Medical issues are not educationally relevant."
32. "Your child's behaviors are not a manifestation of his disability because he is classified under the SLD
33. "If she's finding the homework to be too challenging, just tell her that she's no longer required to do
34. "You must choose from OUR list of independent evaluators."
35. "There is nothing we can do about his social issues during lunch & recess."
36. "We only offer social skills groups one period per month - we couldn't possibly provide more
services for your son."
37. "Due to the high property taxes in our district, we can no longer place students in out-of-district
38. "If you're going to audio-record this meeting, we're going to have to adjourn until our attorney can be
39. "You are required to notify us in advance of all parties you intend to bring to your IEP meeting."
40. "This is the only date we are available to meet. If it doesn't fit into your schedule, you'll have to wait
until next month for another meeting."
41. "We do not have to write goals and objectives for your child's counseling or social skills
42. "Your child was placed in our Life Skills program because he is autistic. That's where all of the
autistic children his age are placed."
43. "Your child can no longer receive pull-out replacement services because our district has
changed to an in-class support model."
44. "We don't have time to hold a meeting. I'll just send you the IEP in the mail for your signature."
45. "You cannot leave the meeting until you've signed all the paperwork."
46. "We will not grant your request for independent evaluations."
47. "Your child cannot participate in the field trip unless you accompany him."
48. "Don't worry; you'll get copies of the evaluation reports at the meeting."
49. "If we reevaluate your child he may no longer qualify for services. Isn't it better to just leave well
enough alone?"
50. "We met beforehand and decided that he no longer requires ."
51. "We don't see those behaviors in the classroom."
52. "We do not conduct O.T. or P.T. evaluations on preschool children - we wait to see how they do
once they are placed in the program."
53. "We do not conduct FBAs on preschool children instead we use a Rifton chair to manage their
54. "Don't bother bringing in cupcakes for his mainstream period; the students in that class don't even
really know him."
55. "We've allowed thirty minutes for this meeting. Please do not interrupt our teachers with your
questions and comments or we won't be able to complete the IEP."
56. "If you bring an advocate to your meeting, our attorney must be present."
57. "Your child's social issues have had no educational impact his grades are excellent. Since these
issues are not educationally relevant, we do not have to address them at school."
58. "We're using an 'eclectic' reading program - our teachers pull from a variety of sources."
59. "Please come pick up your child his behaviors are out of control."
60. "If she can't learn to control herself, we'll have to shorten her school day."
61. "504 accommodations apply only to students with physical disabilities."
62. "Your child cannot participate in the musical performance because he has an individual aide
assigned to him."
63. "If your child is classified under the Emotionally Disturbed (ED) category, he must be placed in our
self-contained ED class."
64. "Don't be concerned about what's placed in writing today, the IEP is a fluid document and can be changed
at ANY time."
65. "By law, we are only required to provide 10 hours of home instruction." 

Counter with:
I disagree
I respectfully disagree
I know you are an expert but I am the expert of my child and that is not how I know my child
Can I see that in writing?
Do you have some data to substantiate your opinion?