Homework plays an instrumental role in a student's overall academic success, but questions abound regarding how much is enough (or too much), when it is most effective, and what additional measures are needed to ensure success.  Below you will find the most recent research on this significant topic, along with important guidelines, recommendations and supports for parents, teachers and students.

Introduction and Background Information
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 Introduction and Background Information:

Homework 101
Expert, Jenny Frank offers helpful tips on how to motivate your child to complete homework assignments effectively and give him/her the support needed to achieve.

Homework Tips for Parents
The Grades K-8 section of NCLD outlines the steps parents should take to support their child at home.  Adapted from "Homework Tips for Parents" by the Coordinated Campaign for Learning Disabilities.

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Homework: For Better or Worse
NCLD Director of Professional Services, Dr. Sheldon Horowitz explores the recent research on homework and provides key guidelines for students at every grade level as well as recommendations for parents and teachers in his September 2005 Research Round-up Click here to review the Research Roundup archive.

 Additional Resources on the Web


For Students:

Homework Supports for Students with Learning Disabilities
Educational software and services for middle school, high school, and college students. Creative, innovative and interactive products that empower students of all ages.

25 Top Tips for Handling Homework

For Parents:

Homework Tips for Parents
U.S. Department of Education

The Homework Toolkit
This toolkit from the Family Education Network includes memory boosters, organizational tools, skill-builders, printable templates and much more.

Tool Kit for Parents: Being an Efficient Homework Helper

Tips for Developing Organizational Skills in Children
The Coordinated Campaign for Learning Disabilities

For Teachers/ Professionals/ Researchers:

Teachers Involve Parents in Schoolwork-TIPS
National Network of Partnership Schools

The Great Homework Debate - Teacher to Teacher: Issues Affecting the Classroom Teacher American Federation of Teachers
Homework Research and Policy: A Review of the Literature
University of Minnesota, College of Education and Human Development

Parental Involvement in Homework: A Review of Current Research
Harvard Family Research Project