IEP Checklist for Parents/Guardians

IEP Checklist for Parents/Guardians


1. Do you have copies of your child's school records and have you reviewed them prior to the meeting?  
2. Is the meeting taking place at a time that is convenient for you and the rest of your child's team?  
3. Has your child had a complete evaluation within the last three years and a multidisciplinary conference held to discuss the results?  
4. Do you understand the results of the tests and evaluations used?  
5. Do you believe your child has been tested, evaluated, observed fairly?  
6. Does your child's current IEP contain a statement of your child's current level of learning, including a statement of strengths and weaknesses?  
7. Did you help develop the goals and objectives listed on the IEP?  
8. Are the goals and objectives written in clear and specific terms?  
9. Have all areas of your child's education been addressed in and out of the classroom?  
10. If your child is over fourteen, is there a transition plan?  
11. If your child is graduating in the next 4 years, do you know what type of diploma they will be receiving?  
12. Has your child been given all necessary supports for a LRE?  
13. Were you part of the final IEP decision process?  
14. Dos the IEP describe to what extent your child will be involved in general education?  
15. Does the IEP include special services (therapy/transporation)?  
16. Do you know how progress will be evaluated and grades determined?  
17. Do you know who is responsible for each part of the IEP?  
18. Have you agreed upon a method of communicating between home/ school?  
19. Has assistive technology been addressed?  
20. Do you feel that the IEP has been developed to fit your child's needs?  

 21. If there was a disagreement that could not be resolved, were you given information on how to resolve the conflict?

22. Do you feel good about the process and confident your child's needs are being met?  

How to Use this Checklist

1. Ask Yourself the Questions

2. Answer Honestly

3. Correct Answers: Yes

4. If you answered No for any questions, please call.

A Note From Catherine: For the past 10 years I have had the exciting career of leading parents to successful IEP's for their children. I began as a teacher and realized my vision was bigger than the classroom. You are the only constant in your child's education. You are the only one who can assure your child is prepared for further education, employment and independent living. Even the best special education teams will never have the passion you have for your child's learning. If you answered no, to any of the questions on this checklist, please call to find out how the Precision Education team can assist you and your child to maximize special education learning.

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