It is time

Posted - 10/18/2007 by Dave

It is time we realized, that as a group, we could have substantial influence over legislation and elections; Influence that would highlight the need for more funding and education reform.

Even with conservative numbers, 10% of the US population has some form of dyslexia, which means
30,000,000 people are without a voice. School systems around the US know how to help. Because of programs like No Child Left Behind they are forced to restrict curriculum and are limited in the assistance that can be given during a standard test.

Over the years, I have heard of politicians lining up to talk with groups like MADD, which stated in 1998 that it represents 3,000,000 people. The NRA has nearly 3,000,000 members And the Christian Coalition of America has 2,000,000 members. All of these groups are dedicated to their cause, and the politicians want their support. The 30,000,000 plus Dyslexics go unheard and unrepresented, even though we represent a broad demographic covering the entire social and economic spectrum.

The concerns for those of us with this particular disability are the same for those with out it. How do we get the most out of the education system?

How do we allow teachers to properly do their jobs and inspire children?

It is time we dismiss the standardized test for any other purpose other then to serve as a bench mark to help recognize areas of weakness.

It is time we begin teaching the children how to learn, instead of teaching them how to pass “The Test”.

It is time that money spent on special educational service is viewed by all as an investment in the work force of tomorrow, instead of as a drain on local and state budgets.

It is time to look at ways to improve the education systems, through the eyes of those who struggle with it, and implement one of the enduring qualities of dyslexics’, creativity.