Kids As Self Advocates


Kids As Self Advocates (KASA) is a national, grassroots project created by youth with disabilities for youth. We are teens and young adults with disabilities speaking out. KASA knows youth can make choices and advocate for themselves if they have the information and support they need.

We are leaders in our communities, and we help spread helpful, positive information among our peers to increase knowledge around various issues. We also help health care professionals, policymakers and other adults in our communities understand what it is like to live our lives and we participate in discussions about how to help each other succeed.

KASA believes young people with disabilities will have control over their own lives and futures. We help this happen by teaching youth about their rights, giving peer support and training, and changing the systems that affect our lives to include us.

Welcome to KASA! Joining is free and open to anyone who would like to be part of our network. So, read up, join in and pass it on!

On our website:

  • Learn more about KASA - who we are, what we do, and how you can join us

  • Meet our National Advisory Board and our Task Force

  • Read reports from the field - essays about personal experiences and reports from conferences across the country

  • Look through our resources - a wide variety of information sheets and articles about disability-related issues as well as links to useful sites

  • Enjoy the projects in the KASA Cafe - poetry and art from our very creative members

  • Participate in our forum - share your ideas and let your voice be heard!

Contact us for materials:
Most of the information we have available is on our website, but we also have many brochures and other materials that we can send you to use for yourself or at a meeting. Send an email to or call us at 785-273-3398 and we'll get the materials out to you right away!