Questions to ask at an IEP

1. What does a typical week look like (include transportation, related services, recess, lunch, extra curricular activities, every subject)?

2. Is the teacher experienced in your child’s particular disability?

3. Is there a need for an aide?

4. Will the general curriculum need to be modified or accommodations made for your child?

5. How many children in each activity? What is the largest number of children in the room at any one time?

6. What are the ages of the other children?

7. What are the possible effects on your child’s behavior by other students in the classroom?

8. What is new in this curriculum, compared to what the child received before?

9. Is the academic offering comparable to what the children without disabilities are receiving (children may be put in programs with very little attempt to teach them to high academic levels)?

10. What is the level of instruction? Is it ungraded?

11. What is specially designed about the approach to the regular curriculum?

Reprinted from Network News, February 2000