Transition Planning and Your Child's IEP

Will your child transition next year?

As a parent, you have probably been thinking about your child's future for years. Schools are not required to address the future until your child is older, but they must have a transition plan in place before your child turns 16.

Does your child's IEP have appropriate transition goals? Has your child made measurable progress toward these goals? How do you know?

IDEA 2004 requires Transition Services to be "results-oriented" to "facilitate the child's movement from school to post school activities . . ." The law requires that Transition Services in the IEP be in place by (before) the child's 16th birthday.

To find out what IDEA 2004 requires, read Transition Planning: Setting Lifelong Goals.  

IEPs must adhere to these requirements. In this transition article, you'll find these two useful checklists:

Read Transition Planning: Setting Lifelong Goals, print and use the checklists, and find more resources about what parents and students must do to prepare for life after school.